Hacking means breaking into someone else's computer without permission. Although hacking is classified into several levels, from defacing the home page of a website to breaking into government departments for national security, it is illegal regardless of the hacker's reasons and motives.

It has become very common to set up a home network to share Internet access with more than one computer. With the latest wireless-network technology, the network can expand beyond the hassle of laying a cable. These networks often have security vulnerabilities and hackers can easily attack and gain control of your computer. Installing firewall software can control the data traffic of your computer and prevent possible hacker attacks.
Parents' Corner
CESY Introduction for Parents
  1. Do you want your child to be law-abiding, self-disciplined, and self-motivated in his/her teenage years?
  2. Do you want less conflict with your child, especially over the use of the computer?
If Yes, take action NOW
Start with understanding your child's needs at his/her present age
Adopt appropriate attitudes: encourage mutual trust and communication
Help him/her analyze a situation from different angles
Give age-appropriate freedom, rules, and a sense of responsibility
Develop your child's emotional control abilities at a young age
  • Be aware of your own emotions and those of others
  • Exercise control over your emotions
  • Know how to control your own behaviour
Foster his/her self-confidence
When your child uses the computer in ways you don't like
  • keep calm;
  • listen to his/her reasons;
  • communicate your views, feelings, and worries; and
  • let your child suggest ways of improving the situation.
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