Some people may use the term "Internet Addiction" to label their behaviour, but to be labeled an "Internet addict" requires a professional judgement from a certified clinical psychologist.

Children with the following traits may be overusing the Internet:

> Losing track of the time spent online.
> Feel disappointment, loss of appetite, anger and depression when forced to log off the net
> Bad eyesight due to the long hours spent in front of monitors
> Lying about the amount of time spent online

"Overusing the Internet" is generally caused by an intense curiosity about cyberspace and the way people interact online. Children and young adults may get addicted to the exoticness, excitement, and interactivity that the Internet can provide.

They may consider the Internet to be a "fast lane" for information collection and a new channel for making friends. Ultimately their Internet activities may become a substitute for social activities.
If you find your children are overusing the Internet, you should encourage them to spend fewer hours online and to maintain a normal, socially active life.
Parents' Corner
CESY Introduction for Parents
  1. Do you want your child to be law-abiding, self-disciplined, and self-motivated in his/her teenage years?
  2. Do you want less conflict with your child, especially over the use of the computer?
If Yes, take action NOW
Start with understanding your child's needs at his/her present age
Adopt appropriate attitudes: encourage mutual trust and communication
Help him/her analyze a situation from different angles
Give age-appropriate freedom, rules, and a sense of responsibility
Develop your child's emotional control abilities at a young age
  • Be aware of your own emotions and those of others
  • Exercise control over your emotions
  • Know how to control your own behaviour
Foster his/her self-confidence
When your child uses the computer in ways you don't like
  • keep calm;
  • listen to his/her reasons;
  • communicate your views, feelings, and worries; and
  • let your child suggest ways of improving the situation.
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