Everyday after school, many people go on the Internet in order to release their daily stress. Some people are online so much that they become embarrassed and may lie about the long hours they are spending online. Some people may use the term "Internet addiction" to label their behavior, but to be labeled an "Internet addict" requires a professional judgment from a certified clinical psychologist.

If you or your classmates overuse the Internet, the following behaviors may be exhibited:

> Losing track of the time spent online
> Feeling disappointment, loss of appetite, anger or depression when forced to log off the net
> Bad eye-sight due to the long hours spent in front of monitors
> Lying about the amount of time spent online

"Internet addiction" is generally caused by intense curiosity about cyberspace and the way people interact online. You may get addicted to the exoticness, excitement, and interactivity that the Internet can provide. You may consider the Internet to be "cool," as it is a "fast lane" for gathering information and a channel for making new friends.

If you find yourself overusing the Internet, stay calm and find a solution where you spend less hours online. Consider the health and social benefits of playing sports or exercising at the gym. Think of the skills you can learn by joining the scouts club. Learning to play an instrument can be a great source of fulfillment. Prioritize normal social activities in your daily life and the Internet will loosen its grip on your heart.