You should encourage your students to search for useful materials on the net. They can learn a vast amount through reading various websites on a number of topics. It helps them to learn things which cannot always be found in school books. However, you should also teach them not to be so gullible that they believe everything written online, but rather verify content if they have any doubts. Not all content on the Internet is correct because many sites are personal websites containing the author's personal opinions. It's the same as reading the same story in two different newspapers; the essence might be the same but some of the facts might be reported differently in each paper. A reliable alternative would be to purchase a set of encyclopedias on CD-ROM or use various books from the library to verify the information you read on the Internet.

Be careful of deals which involve money transactions, investments and free gifts. It is very easy for a company to set up a website and use "get-rich-quick" schemes to attract Internet users with flashy advertisements and e-mails. The worst possible scenarios include giving out personal information, losing money, or even getting involved in illegal matters.