Computer viruses can cause serious damage to your computers. Most viruses can duplicate themselves and cause different degrees of damage; from wiping out all data on your hard-drive to the disclosure of your personal data. Installing anti-virus software can ensure that your computer will be free from damage caused by known viruses. Most anti-virus software can scan a file whenever it is downloaded, uploaded, opened or saved.

There are millions of viruses created and spread throughout the Internet everyday. You need to remember to update your anti-virus software frequently with the latest virus definition packs, which can be downloaded from the developers of the software. Then, newly created, but already discovered, viruses cannot damage your computer.

If you receive e-mail from strangers which seem irrelevant to you, it is a good habit to routinely delete them. Be alert when opening any e-mail attachments, regardless of who sent them. Attachments, especially with file extensions of "EXE", "VB," or "JS," may contain computer viruses. Do not forward a document if you cannot ensure that the attachments are virus-free.