Sometimes, your students may go on the Internet for the purpose of releasing stress. There are even people who are so embarrassed by their actions that they may lie about the long hours they spend online. Some people use the term "Internet Addiction" to label their behaviour, but to be labeled an "Internet addict" requires a professional judgment from a certified clinical psychologist.

Students with the following traits may be overusing the Internet:

> Losing track of the time spent online.
> Feel disappointment, loss of appetite, anger or depression when forced to log off the net
> Bad eyesight due to the long hours spent in front of monitors
> Lying about the amount of time spent online

Overuse of the Internet is generally caused by a curiosity about cyberspace and the way people interact online. Children and young adults may get addicted to the exoticness, excitement and interactivity that the Internet can provide.

They may consider the Internet to be a "fast lane" for information collection and a new channel for making friends. Ultimately, their Internet activities become a substitute for social activities.